September 20, 2010 in 2D, Animation, Colouring, Compositing, Design, Film, Live Action

Solito Concept

I was asked to create some animated clips for Holy Moshen Pictures’ comedy feature film Solito where a poster of the kama sutra comes to life. As they didn’t want any nudity or anything actually “showing” while still being obviously the kama sutra it took a lot of thought. The characters had to be fully clothed, but luckily because it was a comedy film I had a lot of artistic license in regards to “poses” so I chose some funny ones.  The designs were meant to be a modernised version of the old Indian simplified illustrations; large hands, long nails, flattened heads, no shading etc. Above is a picture of my final approved design. Below is a screen shot from the film.


Because it was a comedy I could create silly poses like this one (the woman in the story is the dominant one so this made sense), this is a screen grab from the final animation, the director had a few things changed by then; the girl’s clothes: new top and skirt instead of shorts, size of characters in relation to bed and textures.

*UPDATE* On the 26th October 2011 Solito premiered in Leicester Square, it was great to be there and seeing it on the big screen!