Schizophrenia 24×7

April 7, 2011 in 2D, Animation, Design

I was asked to create this animated video for the website,a website that specialises in providing people with Schizophrenia helpful resources and information. The character design I was asked to create was to be a hybrid of a stickman style simple character and Quentin Blake’s illustrations. Below I have uploaded my final hand drawn designs that were accepted for the look of the project prior to my animating this video.

My accepted character design:

Open Minds Expression Sheet

Open Minds Turnaround


Because my original drawings were in pencil and the animation was to be done in Flash I used After Effects to show the director how I would go about mimicking a pencil line. The picture below is my Flash drawing made to look like pencil in AFX. Funnily I had to move off my Cintiq and use my small bamboo tablet because the lines were too neat. :)

Open Minds Flash Pencil

There was talk at one point of colouring the characters in with a kind of messy watercolour style. Below was my example of what it could have looked like (along with composited pencil showing how that would look too). The colour was scrapped quite fast though to keep the pencil drawing theme so I did no further colour work on it.