Pandora’s Box

March 23, 2008 in Film, Live Action

Pandora Pose

Actress Charlotte on set.

I was asked by my friend Jonathan to come help him with the Straight 8 film challenge. The concept behind this contest is that participants are to shoot a three minute film on to a single cartridge of super 8 film without editing it. Then instead of being able to develop and watch the film first, we had to send the cartridge off to the people at the film challenge along with a piece of music that could be the score to our thus far unseen film and they develop it themselves. So the first time even us as the filmmakers see our film is at the cinema screening!
It was fun to do and we shot a film Jonathan devised called “Pandora’s Box” in the most beautiful costume store I have ever seen in South East London called Prangsta. I helped out with set dressing and props, but mainly in choosing Charlotte’s costume and helping style her and get her dressed.