April 5, 2011 in 1st AD, Live Action, Series


I came on board production house Super 16 and advertising agency Pristop’s team as the 1st Assistant Director for this online vampire series created to promote Cockta’s new youthful image. The turnaround time for the series was incredibly tight and involved a few contest winning novice actors so we had our work cut out for us from the get go.

I spent a good deal of time during pre-production as a script editor as the writer was not a native English speaker, plus episodes of the series were only handed to the actors a day before shooting, some pages even on the day itself, so I had to cut down a lot of the dialogue so that the new actors could remember them for their scene. I also ran an acting workshop where I helped the novices out with expressions, timing and body movements.

During production I took on my originally assigned role as assistant director working into the night with the directors and producers creating call sheets – taking into consideration sunrises and sets and make-up and costume timings, making script revisions and distributing the scripts to actors and other team members and generally getting everyone on to the set on time and taking care of the actors. Also unforeseen to me was my accidental role as voice coach teaching the actors who were from all over the Balkans the English pronunciation and meaning of words while doing it in “a vampire accent”.

It was an amazing production, very ambitious and shot in a variety of beautiful locations, but because of the deadline; a grueling task. Not a lot of sleep was had by me. For instance we would shoot a street car racing scene in the dead of night where even with barrels of oil ablaze the freezing mountain air chilled us to the bone, we would finish that shot at 4am after which myself, the director, producer and other key members would go back to the office to sort out the scripts and call sheets for the next day. The next day we had to be in a forest miles away at 6am filling it with artificial smoke, so I would be lucky to be able to sleep an hour. This went on throughout the production, with 1 or 2 hours sleep per night if I was lucky.

After production was done (and I had had a weekend to make up for the sleep deprivation) I came back for the editing process where I was asked to be the voice over for the series; which was fun to do! I later was also asked to do the voice over introduction and explanation of the entire campaign at the Golden Drum awards.

The title sequence of the series: