Honda Website

January 11, 2008 in 2D, Acting, Animation, Voice Art, Webpage

Created for Honda by The Collective, a group of five of us were each given a section of the website to animate in Flash. My page was the “Recycle Facility”. Above you can see my final animation, which on the actual site ended up being cut down for loading purposes. The idea was that the user of the site would help “the gaggle” to build the factory. I animated it so that after each piece has been lifted into place the characters would return to their starting positions (which had loops of motion) waiting for the user to click them once again until it is all built. After each piece has been put in place the characters cheer (listen out for my voice as the female crowd sounds throughout the site :)). Below you can see snapshots of the site in its final state.

The entire website can be viewed here: