Amano Print Designs

October 10, 2006 in 2D, Design, Print

Amano Designs

Amano Key

Food key for menus; healthy, wheat free, sinful, no cheese, spicy, possible cheese free, vegetarian. (The devil was turned into a pitch fork for sinful.)

I designed all print materials for the restaurant chain Amano’s Northwick Park branch for a year. The first task I was handed was a complete redesign of their menu by manager Neil who had a good idea of what he wanted so I had a lot of direction. The menu task involved the layout, pencil sketches of foods etc. and a “key” depicting which foods were say spicy or suitable for vegetarians. I also designed a children’s colouring-in menu sheet (which listed the special children’s food menu and had a drawing of lots of animals eating round a large table) that parents could ask for to keep their kids entertained. As this Amano’s was connected to a golf course and had a bar I also was asked to design “table talkers” which were three sided cards that stood on the tables and bar with a list of bar foods and instructions on how to order (they had a sort of Nandos system with numbered paddles) along with a golfer girl character design I made. During my time there I also designed a number of flyers and adverts for print. I had to remake the adverts depending on page size purchased in publications and what we had on offer at that moment. I was regularly meeting with editors and publishers of magazines, sometimes the turn around had to be very fast and I had to get the digital files to them on the same day as I was given the design brief.

Amano Lettuce Sketch

One of the sketches from the menu.