Kinodvor Children’s Animation Workshop

September 5, 2012 in Teaching

From the 20th August to the 3rd of Sept 2012 I ran a two week children’s film and animation workshop in Slovenia alongside Miha Knific over at Shakemoon HQ. The workshop was organised by Kinodvor and run by Shakemoon in collaboration with Nukleus Film. The idea the crew at Kinodvor had was for the children to create a film over the summer workshop which mixed both live action and animation together so they would have the opportunity to learn both. Miha therefore was there as the live action mentor and I the mentor for animation.

The children were wonderful, a really talented and imaginative bunch. I counted my lucky stars as well that their grasp of English was so advanced as I didn’t want a language barrier to stifle their creativity. Luckily the class’s interests were split around 50-50 between live action and animation; so Miha could take half out to do the live action filming and I could take my half of the class back to the studio with me where all the equipment was available to do the animation side of things. Of course there came times for instance when the script was being written by only four of the children and Miha where I ended up having a lot more kids on my hands. I am therefore grateful to my animation assistant Fulvio Tuc for lending me a hand with the children around the studio during those times and generally being happy to be stationed by things like the Cintiqs making sure no disaster would befall the expensive equipment. :)

Above you can watch the final film they created, comically named “Vojna Svetov 3″ aka “War of the Worlds 3″ (it’s in Slovenian but has English subs). Below are some photos from the workshop itself.

*UPDATE* The 20th October 2012 saw the premier screening of our children’s workshop film in Kinoteka’s cinema. It was a nice day out for all the kids and the studio staff.

*UPDATE* On the 8th of June 2013 the children’s workshop film was screened again at Kino Otok children’s festival in Izola, Slovenia.