Final Year Project

December 15, 2003 in 3D, Animation

Just making a bit of a blog post about my final year project. Going to post updates and works in progress as I enter the world of threedee! :)


Head Test 3D

My first modeled head for Anthony.

Head Test 3D

Another angle.


Anthony 3D Screenie

Got the body down now adding the accessories. Building Anthony’s visor.

Anthony 3D Face

Hat and visor CHECK! Got the hair roughed out too which I will sort out later and make into “fur” hair.


Ant Suprised 3D

Base colours.



Starting to add shading, not quite happy yet but working on it.




Girl Back 3D

The girl’s body modeled.

Girl 3D

Blocked out the girl’s hair for converting into “fur” but not sure I like the cut yet.




Dog 3D

Original “crazy puppy” idea.

Doggy 3D Screenie

Updating the crazy puppy to make it look a bit more crazy. :)

Demon Dog 3D

Now that’s the face! :)




Brian Alien

Starting to model the alien.